Sunday, June 29, 2008

From uptown to downtown and back around
Chambers Hotel
My fiance and I looked at some more places and found most of them lacking.There was the Chambers Hotel at 15 West 56th Street near Fifth Avenue, with the restaurant Town. It lacks an old-world charm and the hotel is not set up for a wedding.

Next we saw the Dylan Hotel at 52 East 41st Street at Madison Avenue. The Chemist Club is gone and now it's home to the Benjamin Steak House. The hotel felt like a downtown residential building. Look at the the floors where the hotel rooms are.

We ventured uptown to Hotel Wales at 1295 Madison Avenue near 92nd Street. I have to say, this place was a total disappointment. It was so dumpy. The only thing that was nice was the rooftop terrace, but should it rain, an employee told me they have to rush to get everything downstairs to the Pied Piper Room, which is a really large parlor with piano, that doesn't appear to be conducive to a wedding. And the food is provided by Sarabeth's restaurant, which is at the hotel. I think Sarabeth's (on Central Park South) has a nice breakfast, but the dinner was not so great.
We went downtown to Washington Square Hotel at 103 Waverly Place, near MacDougal Street. This was also dumpy. I don't even know if it has banquet space.

There is the intimate hotel Lowell New York at 28 East 63rd Street near Madison Avenue, which was lovely, but can only accommodate a party of up to 40. I think that might be a semi-private space in the Post House steak house at the hotel.

We liked Hotel Plaza Athenee at 37 East 64th Street near Madison Avenue. My fiance is a big fan. The banquet room is lovely. That is where the ceremony would be held. Then you go to Bar Seine for cocktails and then move into the restaurant, Arabelle, for lunch.

I find the bar really dark and too bar-y. And the restaurant, which feels very European, has no windows. This hotel overall is
gorgeous and very old world in style. The per-person price is too high for us.

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Cindy said...

Looks like a super venue with genuine charm!

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