Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's wedding news: Brides not cheaping out on gown

Aware that all eyes – plus the photos and wedding video -- will be on them, many cost conscious brides are looking to shave off wedding expenses, but not when it comes to the gown. Obviously, the dress has to be within their budget, should they have one, but brides seem to be finding that they can cut back on aspects like flowers rather than on what they will wear down the aisle. [CNN.com]
Alita Graham dress, Style No. 31544588 at Kleinfeld's]


hwong14 said...

Btw, I hated the hede on that story: "Wedding dress can come before a groom." Um, where was the interview with the bride who bought a dress before she was engaged? And lede was bad, too -- I thought they were going to talk about brides who bought a dress ahead of time anticipating a worsening of the economy (and, combined with the hede, a woman who did all this without having a groom yet). Thumbs down, CNN.

Miss. Scoop said...

I totally agree with you. I was reading the article looking for the part about the groom, and it never came.

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