Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's wedding news: Ways to cut wedding costs

Weddings are expensive, but brides and grooms are finding ways to slash dollars off the bill.

Here are some ways:
1. Spend less on the wedding ring. People are spending less on wedding rings. The average one is $2,000, but people are paying $1,200 and less.

2. Buy your tux. More people are buying tuxedos than renting them so they can wear them again. (Photo:
3. Buy a wedding dress at an annual sale or local dress store.
4. A justice-of-the-peace can be a cheap option for an officiant.
5. Simplify floral arrangements.
6. Use the bridesmaids' bouquets for table centerpieces at the reception, in a vase or laying down.
7. For catered weddings, keep the menu simple.
8. Use a local freelance photographer rather than a professional studio.
[The Lufkin Daily News]

1 comment:

Cindy said...

A local freelance photographer could be used as long as they are a professional photographer. Care should be taken to always hire someone that is EXPERIENCED at photographing wedding or you will be disappointed in your photographs. Of course, all you will have left after the wedding years from now are the photographs so do not try to save by hiring an amateur or your uncle or worse yet, a high school student! You will regret it!

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