Sunday, August 24, 2008

One size fits all: The bridesmaid dress

Today my sister (and MOH) and I went bridesmaid dress shopping. The goal was to find a slate color dress. So we found one at Lord & Taylor that looked good on her. There were no other dresses in that color in the store but we located some in a store in another state and had them shipped directly to the bridesmaids. I wish I had had the time to give them a color and a fabric and a choice of styles, but I didn't. So many dress shops said they couldn't deliver the dresses in time for my October 26, 2008 wedding so department stores became the best bet.

The majority of them didn't have dresses in slate or gray. By a stroke of good fortune, we found the one at Lord & Taylor (unfortunately I can't recall the designer of the dress so I can't post a photo of it). I really hope it looks as good on the other bridesmaids as it does on my sister.

Also, today my sister and I meet with my potential photographer and I really like him, so we are booking him tomorrow. I was looking for a photojournalist who could capture the essence of the day, without taking too many posed and cheesy shots. He's also going to take pics the night before at the rehearsal dinner, which is great, as well as some photos of my fiance and me in front of the place where we met and worked together. That should be really special.

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