Sunday, August 17, 2008

Success: The perfect wedding venue

We found the perfect wedding venue -- the Lotos Club. It is beautiful, elegant, well-maintained, has an old-world charm, happens to be in our price range, and has a wonderful history as one of the oldest literary clubs in the country (remember, my fiance and I are journalists).
We have to get cracking since my parents just signed the contract and our wedding date is Oct. 26, as in this October 26. I keep referring to it as a shotgun wedding (no, I'm not preggers). My mother and I are looking at invitations tomorrow. My mother, father and I are looking at dresses on Monday (I first scoped out the dress shop on my own).My fiance and I are figuring out the restaurant where we want to hold our rehearsal dinner. It's for about 20 people. I think we are going to pick the Peking Duck House in Chinatown. My main stress, however, seems to be the favors, which I want to do double-duty as seating cards. I have spent hours contemplating them, to no avail. (pics from the Lotos Club Web site: top is where the ceremony will be held; immediately above is where the cocktails will be; and bottom is the ballroom for our sit-down lunch.)


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