Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Watching the weight

Yesterday marked 83 days until my wedding (assuming my parents sign the venue contract on Thursday), and the first day of my new regimen – Weight Watchers and a 12-week FitBrides program.

With Weight Watchers, I am counting points. And with the personal training program, the trainer comes to my apartment for a one-on-one workout session. I decided to have him come twice a week. Yesterday was day one. OMG, I am so out of shape. I haven't worked out in God knows how long. I belonged to a gym for a year, which expired two months ago (I was eagerly awaiting its expiration so I would have an excuse not to work out), and went five times (my bag of gym clothes has been next to my desk for over 7 months. It has been untouched but for my colleague using the T-shirt to wrap his camera). I figure if the trainer comes to my apartment with just a 12-week plan, I can probably handle it.

We did a full-body workout. Tonight I'm supposed to do some cardio – running up the stairs of my 20-story building, twice (and taking the elevator down). If I had a gym in the building, I'd probably be able to get on a cardio machine.

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