Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today's wedding news: The flowers

Wedding Flowers magazine's August/September 2008 issue offers advice on how to pick the right bouquet style (p. 123, copied verbatim):

a) shower -- best for taller and fuller figures; full-skirted gowns; dresses with a train.

b) overarm -- best for slime figures; outfits with lots of detailing; long, slinky dress styles.

c) trailing -- best for tall figures, as they help to draw the eye downwards; A-line, ballerina or princess skirts; long, flowing trains.

d) tear-drop -- best for fuller figures; traditional dress shapes; A-line skirts that flare from the waist.

e) pomander (a flower ball) -- best for petite figures; short or calf-length skirts; 1950s-style halterneck dresses.

f) hand-tied -- best for medium heights and builds; bias-cut dresses; an understated, modern look.

Some advice, tips and factoids from the magazine:

1. Choose a flower style that suits your skin color, body shape and dress. Decide where you want to hold your bouquet. Make sure the flowers don't hide your dress and aren't near your bust. (p. 48)

2. Practice carrying a bouquet. The right way is to position your hand(s) level with your belly button. (p. 51)

3. It's traditional to present the mothers of the bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers as a thank you gift. (p. 120) [I'm not sure about this one]

The magazine offers the results of its annual flower survey. Here are a few findings
(pp. 12-13):

1. 61 percent of brides plan to have roses, 16 percent are picking lilies, 12 percent are choosing orchids and 11 percent are picking peonies.

2. 25 percent of brides are having an all-white color scheme.

3. 11 percent of brides are creating their own arrangements.

4. 80 percent of brides are having hand-tied bouquets.

5. 42 percent of brides found a florist through recommendations.

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