Monday, October 6, 2008

Bidding my blog adieu -- at least for now

I feel badly because I have lost interest in maintaining this Web site. After all the reading, writing, thinking and talking about wedding planning, I guess I have grown tired of posting about it.

Since my wedding planning has been crammed into a two-month period, I have been super busy. Wedding date: October 26. At the same time I have been promoted at work, and am getting ready for surgery in a week. Total whirlwind!

Another factor is that my new job is Web editor, so I'm doing the same thing at work that I've been doing here -- and I am getting paid to do it.

So I am going to stop blogging here -- at least for now. I'd like to reserve the right to start up again. I really appreciate the support I have received from my readers.

Should you wish to find out what I'm up to, check out the Web site I oversee:

Or, feel free to e-mail me at



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