Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's a little venue information between friends?

I haven't written since my wedding planning last October but now that I have a friend who is getting married, it's bringing it all back home. It's fun because I get to share with her information I learned during my wedding venue hunt, beyond what I wrote on my blog (note: she was one of my few visitors when I was regularly blogging). I meticulously (aka, obsessive-compulsively) maintained materials from the various wedding spaces my fiance and I visited so I was able to hand off a large bag filled with details about Manhattan wedding spots, including party prices and menu options, material not always easily obtainable.
On the home front, my fiance and I are still married, which is a feat in itself, right? I read somewhere that more than 50 percent of married couples divorce within the first year.

We are planning a trip for what we consider our second honeymoon since our first one was crazy -- missing the plane to St. Martin and finding ourselves at the hotel next to my two sisters and nephew in Puerto Rico.

What's on my mind today is whether or not to change my last name. I have chosen not to and I thought my fiance didn't care either way, but I have since found out that he actually does.

That's all I've got for now.

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