Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cut the cake (costs)

Wedding cake prices can be steep, but there are some ways to cut costs, according to Claire Bacon, owner of Williamsville, NY bakery Butterwood. Fresh flowers, for example, cost a fraction of the price of hand-made edible flowers, she said in a segment on "You're paying for people to really spend a lot of time and create an edible work of art for you," Bacon said. Other ways to slash the cake cost is to go for a simple round-shaped one rather than a hexagon one, use buttercream instead of fondant icing and buy some of the decorations online. The most popular way to save cake costs, however, is to use sheet cakes to feed guests rather than pay for layers of wedding cake. And to make up for a little bit less of an elaborate cake, Bacon suggested decorating the cake table. "Treat the table like a whole vignette," she said. It's a way to dress the cake for less, she said, and it makes the cake look even better in photographs.

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