Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bridal gown trends, budget honeymoons, some fun blue stilettos scoured the Spring 2010 issue of "The Knot" for the latest trends and tips on attire, cakes, etiquette, venues and honeymoon destinations, so you don't have to.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Wedding dress trends include big bows, severe one-shoulder necklines, accordion-style folds, longer sleeves, black accents and layers.
  • A cute pair of shiny blue fabric stiletto peep-toe shoes with rhinestone-encrusted buckle and five-inch heels, which appeared on the runway, for $69blue stiletto peep-toe shoe with bow and NYC subway token cuff links
  • Extra-wide cake tiers are trendy as are textured invitations.
  • Cut outdoor venue rental costs by finding a venue complete with all necessities or else borrow things from family and friends to outfit the party. 
  • On a honeymoon budget? Go somewhere close by your home, look for all-inclusive packages or go on a short jaunt now with the intention of saving for the honeymoon you want for your one-year anniversary. Some places where there are bargains to be had are Mexico because of the swine flu stigma, Iceland because of the recession and Florida because of its hurricane season.
  • Generally book your honeymoon six months before your wedding.
  • Brides typically create registries between four and eight months before the wedding.
  • Inform people where you are registered on your wedding Web page and by word-of-mouth.

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