Monday, March 29, 2010

Flowers, hair, favors and first-dance song suggestions from the experts

By Lauren Elkies

Oy! The flowers, the hair, the wedding favors, the first-dance song. Where to start?

Three wedding planners make life easy by giving you their thoughts on each component (fun slide show can be seen here).

Meet Joseph Todd St. Cyr, director of Joseph Todd Events, a New York City-headquartered wedding consultation business, and Candice Benson, founder of the Finishing Touch, a New Jersey-based wedding and event planning company and Michelle Flores, president of New York wedding planning company Flore' Events. (To see a previous interview with the three planners about why you should hire a wedding planner and how to figure out your wedding style, click here.)

Here is what they have to say (in their corresponding colors).

What is the trend for wedding flowers?
[It] is moving away from a rigid "modern" look and toward a more organic and romantic look. Brides like to include unusual offerings that can be special-ordered from anywhere in the world when they are out of season locally. [And] roses and orchids never seem to wane in popularity and white will never be out of fashion.

Untraditional non-floral centerpieces & bouquets (i.e., centerpieces incorporating fruit, feathers and plant elements, bouquet made of broaches) are what we are seeing this year.

Florists are always reinventing the rose [but] the floral fashions currently incorporate bling and berries to accent and add character to your flowers. 

What is the most popular bridal hair style today?
The hair style is completely dictated by the neckline of the dress. No longer does the bride feel that she must have a tendrilly updo. Many brides today feel comfortable with their hair left down as long as it is beautifully conditioned and styled. A bride does not have to look radically different on her wedding day but just present the best version of herself.

Brides are still going for the traditional updo or loose-flowing romantic locks.

The updos still win the most popular bridal style -- hands down. 

What wedding favors do you favor?

While I tend not to be a big fan of wedding favors in general (isn't it enough to invite guests for a spectacular dinner, open bar, dancing, etc.?), I recommend something small, tasteful, and inexpensive that complements the table-top decor. Unfortunately, many of these favors are left on the table unless, of course, they are obviously expensive or given out to guests as they leave. A customized bag of freshly-ground Kona coffee and a six-pack of artisanal chocolate doughnuts are always a welcome parting gift and they will be definitely be enjoyed the following morning.

We find that the best favors are those that are edible like a candy buffet or custom-made cookies and ones that reflect the personalities of the couple. We once created favor boxes filled with apple cinnamon doughnuts that were sentimental to the bride with a personalized thank you note tag for each guest.

I'm still a fan of a couple's favorite bottle of wine. I've made many favorites that way.

What are your first-dance song suggestions?

This is a very personal choice. Some couples love the classics like "The Way You Look Tonight" or "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." But most couples today choose something more esoteric and contemporary like "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones. The risk in this is that many of the older generation will have no idea what the song is but it doesn't really matter if the bride and groom are having a great time on the dance floor.

There are so many classic love songs to choose from, everything from Frank Sinatra to Stevie Wonder and even some soft rock love songs are great options.

I am a fan of John Legend's "Stay With You." If you love classics, everyone's favorite [is] "At Last" by Etta James and Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky."

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