Saturday, March 13, 2010

My husband is a rock star because...

By Lauren Elkies

Lest you think women no longer find their dudes rock stars upon marriage, 8 women -- who have been married from two and a half  to 22 years -- share why they think their husbands are awesome -- today.

Valerie and her husband pose with grass background... he shows up for everything. He's totally sexy and sweet and he has a really hot ass. He cooks like a mother f*cker. He's funny, smart and talented. He loves me and lets me know that all the time.
Name: Valerie (left)
Wedding date: July 23, 2005

...he's smart, handsome, funny and he saves lives for a living. More importantly, he loves me, neuroses and all.
Name: Erika Martinez Vitale (right)
Wedding date: Oct. 15, 2005

Felicia Rubinstein and her husband on the beach
.. he keeps his sense of humor throughout all the good and bad times.
Name: Felicia Rubinstein (above)
Wedding date: June 12, 1988

Alyssa Klein and her husband together on their wedding day... he is the nicest, calmest person. No matter what happens, he stays calm and always has a positive spin on the situation.
Name: Alyssa Klein (left); photo credit: Hy Goldberg--Visions)
Wedding date: Nov. 24, 2007

Kirsten Johnson and her husband pose on their wedding day
... no matter how busy he is he always makes time for us to connect and feel close.
Name: Kirsten Johnson (left; photo credit: Jesper Haynes)
Wedding date: Oct. 4, 2003

... he always puts me first. He is respectful, sweet, and compassionate. And he acknowledges every baby and every doggie we walk past on the street.
Name: Suzi Nauser
Wedding date: Sept. 19, 1998
Laurel Maury's headshot... (I'm not kidding) he tells me he loves me every single day.
Name: Laurel Maury (left)
Wedding date: Nov. 5, 2005

Darcy Reed's headshot 

... he does our laundry, he cooks and does the grocery shopping.
Name: Darcy Reed (right)
Wedding date: June 3, 2006

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