Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wife is a rock star because...

silhouette of a female rock star
By Lauren Elkies

Earlier this month, asked a series of women why they consider their husbands to be rock stars after tying the knot and they had a lot of things to say from a hot ass, to acknowledging babies and dogs on the street to doing the laundry. (Click here to read the women's remarks.)

Today, 9 guys, including the spouses of a few of the women quoted in the previous feature, express why they think their wives rock.

Here is what they have to say…

... she is emotional like a Peter Gabriel song, gets me moving like a Van Halen guitar solo, can raise the roof like a Roger Daltrey scream, and we will withstand the test of time like a Beatles harmony. 
Name: Charlie Vitale
Wedding date: Oct. 15, 2005
silhouette of a female rock star

... I wouldn't truly consider my wife Margie a rock star because rock stars go out of fashion when the next trend comes along. Margie will always be in fashion for me; we're married for over 30 years and I'm still fascinated by her and I find new things about her to this day that I didn't know. Margie has been my counsel, my best pal, the one who brings me back to ground level when my head gets big and the one person I can always rely on to come through in a pinch. I only hope I do as much for her. Lastly rock stars want everyone's love, Margie only wants mine. Rock star? No. The love of my life? Yes.
Name: Vinny Nicosia
Wedding date: July 14, 1979

... she's beautiful and brilliant and she speaks French fluently; and she spent two years in Peace Corps in West Africa and has lived in Europe; and has a very cool job as a museum curator; and a cool family with excellent tastes in sports and wine; and she's a great cook and an excellent hostess, and patient; and has healthy infatuations with Nicholas Kristof and Joe Biden, which I find non-threatening.
Name: Tom (asked for his last name to be withheld)
Wedding date: April 19, 2008

... she lightens up every room she enters, knows how to talk to pretty much anyone and always tries to make me feel comfortable. Aly is the most vibrant and intelligent person I know. I am a lucky guy.
Name: Aaron Rosenberg
Wedding date: Nov. 23, 2003

... she has effortlessly become a natural mother. She has always had compassion, intensity, humor, love, and kindness, but now it has a sharp, natural focus. She has completely transformed. To watch how much she loves and cares for Gregory is amazing. Going from a person who "needed" to sleep nine-plus hours before, to a mother who can get up every three hours to feed Gregory, is a small example of the self sacrifice that she lovingly and effortlessly gives.
Name: Andrew Kreutter  
Wedding date: June 3, 2006 
silhouette of a female rock star
... she's gorgeous, she's hilarious, she's honest, and she's got an amazing voice.
Name: Stefan (asked for his last name to be withheld)
Wedding date: July 23, 2005

... she has incredible energy to run her business seven days a week, raise her kids (directly), be a sounding board for all of her friends, and because she hates talking about herself.
Name: Marty Magida
Wedding date: June 12, 1988

silhouette of a female rock star
... she is a wonderful mom, a great wife who loves me, cares for me, takes care of me and puts up with me. She is a great cook, but even if she was a bad cook, I would still love her.
Name: Doug Silverstein
Wedding date: Nov. 5, 2005

... she puts up with me and doesn't complain too much.
Name: Ron Leggiadro
Wedding date: Aug. 5, 2005


I Am Staggered said...

My wife is a rockstar because she does an hour's work a day, seems to have a lot of 'adoring' male fans, but then again, still doesn't like it when I throw my pants at her face.

Lauren said...

Oh boy!

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