Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nice brides give bridesmaids choices

Four burgundy-colored bridesmaid dresses

A woman told Wedding-Scoops.com that in the Portland, Ore. wedding where she will be one of five bridesmaids, the bride has given them a choice with their dress: one of four from J. Crew (see their options above) so long as it's in the same "vintage burgundy" color. The wedding is being held in the daytime in the bride's grandmother's backyard in July. The bridesmaids have been told to wear any gold, closed-toe shoes. The bridesmaid Wedding-Scoops.com spoke with picked the one on the far left.

Meanwhile, Wedding-Scoops.com came across the perfect bridesmaid dress (see image below). It comes in 18 colors and four lengths and can be worn 15 ways. The designer is Twobirds Bridesmaid.


bonafidebride said...

I love the dress by TwoBirds Bridesmaid. So versatile! I had looked into these for my own bridesmaids but unfortunately, they were way out of our budget. I was sad to see that they were so expensive! :(

Lauren said...

It would have been nice to know about this dress before my wedding, but the one I went with wasn't bad, at least I didn't think so. :)

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