Sunday, April 18, 2010

100 reasons to tie the knot

It's easy to lose site of what a wedding is really about when engrossed in the planning process. So came up with a list of 100 reasons to tie the knot, with the help of a myriad of married women. Some arguments, listed below in no particular order, seem healthier than others, but who are we to judge? Feel free to add your reasons in the comments section at the bottom.
   1. You found the love of your life
   2. Happiness
   3. Financial security
   4. Emotional security
   5. Physical security
   6. Health insurance
   7. Someone to grow old with
   8. To be with someone who loved you as you were, loves you as you are and who will love you for what you become
   9. You have dreamed of it since you were a little girl
  10. You know there is no one better  11. He asked
  12. To make the relationship official
  13. To let the world know that you are spoken for
  14. Give your community the chance to give their love and support
  15. To get out of your parents' house
  16. To irritate your parents
  17. You love his parents
  18. He loves your parents
  19. To feel grown up
  20. To have arguments and even better make-ups
  21. To learn something new every day
  22. To teach someone something new
  23. To become part of something bigger
  24. To have children
  25. Makes child rearing a little easier
  26. To join a new club -- the married person's club
  27. Status
  28. To have someone to split the gallon of ice cream with while watching a movie on a Friday night
  29. To have someone to feel proud of
  30. To flirt safely -- especially with waiters. Flash them your ring as you order so you can flirt but they know you are married and off limits
  31. To save on living expenses
  32. To carpool to work
  33. Your spouse's employees kiss your ass
  34. To help you grow
  35. Have someone to mourn when you mourn
  36. Have someone to be happy with your successes, no matter how small
  37. Have a good excuse for a party
  38. Have the chance to wear a wedding gown
  39. You (hopefully) get a ring you adore
  40. To become a better person
  41. You can change your last name
  42. Have a bigger salary
  43. Have someone to run out in the middle of the night on a snack run
  44. Have someone to tend to the vermin
  45. Have someone to carry heavy packages and bags
  46. Have a travel partner
  47. Have a built-in excuse to decline invitations or leave functions early
  48. Have someone to look at and even touch your gross wounds
  49. Have someone to care for and love
  50. Have someone to work towards goals with
  51. To make a holiday feel like a real holiday
  52. To take the relationship to a deeper level
  53. Pillow talk
  54. You laugh at the same things
  55. Have someone you can wake up in the night when anxious
Have someone who can answer the phone when you can't deal
Have someone to tell your secrets to
  58. You can get in a fight but you know the other person is not bailing
  59. You get new extended family members
  60. Tax breaks
  61. Companionship
  62. No more dating hell
  63. A memory aid
  64. Have someone to blame when things go awry
Have someone to laugh with
  66. Have a closet full of clothes to wear if you gain weight
  67. To know that your best friend is waiting for you when you return after having a tough day
  68. This is power in numbers: 1+1=3
  69. Married people live longer
Have someone to plan a future with
  71. No need to worry if you will get lucky; the chances are great that you will
  72. Have a built-in audience
  73. There is someone to make you feel petite
  74. You can be someone's number one
  75. To enable both to bring out the latent talents in the other
  76. You don't wake up alone
  77. You share the same viewpoints, ideals and values
Have someone who knows you inside and out
Have someone to tend to you when you're sick
  80. Their stuff becomes yours and your stuff becomes theirs
  81. You can have couple friends/plans
  82. Wedding preses
  83. Commitment
  84. Cannot live without the other person
  85. To have in your life someone who cares about you deeply
  86. It is the next step in the relationship
  87. You have a lot in common
  88. So it can be the two of you against the world
  89. Already pregnant
  90. To obtain a Green Card
  91. No more annoying set ups by family members telling you they met the nicest person at the store
Have someone to share dog walking responsibilities with
Have someone to wake up and have Midnight snacks with
Have someone to listen to you recount your entire day and (at least pretend to) be interested
Have someone to watch scary movies with
Have someone to spoon with
Have someone to buy you flowers
Have someone who will handle your dirty laundry
Have someone who will give you money when you are without
Have someone who sticks up for you

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Cindy said...

I really got a chuckle as I read some of these! Thanks for making me smile!!!

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