Sunday, April 25, 2010

Customize aisle runners and mascara that won't budge

Jennifer Ouellette headband for the bride
Bridal magazine issues seem to leave the shelves almost as quickly as they hit them so in case you missed them, or haven't had a chance to get to them (we were right there with you until now), has noted a few interesting things from the Brides April 2010 issue and the Town & Country Spring/Summer 2010 issue.

-- Registries should include the following: three sets of towels, specialized barware, everyday and accent plates, flannel and Egyptian-cotton sheet sets, small appliances that need upgrading and seasonal stuff like a snow blower.
-- A fun Jennifer Ouellette headband for the bride made of metal lace orchids and flowers with rhinestones for $140 (see photo).

Town & Country:
-- Aisle runners can be customized
-- An updo (see photo at right) is the best hairstyle to keep hair in place throughout the wedding day
-- Blinc is a mascara that "won't budge, smudge, flake or smear," says M.A.C. senior artist Chantel Mille
-- Some honeymoon suggestions: 
1. Egypt for lovers of ancient history  
2. Spain's La Rioja and San Sebastian regions for food and wine aficionados 
3. Scuba diving in Fiji for adventure seekers  
4. Sailing the Caribbean for those needing to relax

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