Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diary of a flower girl's mom

Alyson Rosenberg and her four-year-old daughter Rachel cuddle
Alyson Rosenberg, 32, is getting her four-year-old daughter Rachel (together at right) ready for the big day -- Rosenberg's brother's wedding. Rachel is going to be a flower girl at the May 15 ceremony at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In her second installment, Rosenberg details the excitement and anxiety of getting the flower girl-to-be ready for the big day. (See the first installment here.)

Four weeks to go
... Yesterday Rachel asked me if she could chew gum when she walks down the aisle at the wedding. I thought this was an odd question, since she has never chewed gum before. I told her that weddings aren’t really a place for gum chewing, but wondered why she wanted to do that. She informed me that she will be a big girl when she walks down the aisle as the flower girl and I once told her that big girls can chew gum. Yikes! How does she remember these things?

I probably said that months and months ago when I was trying to get her to stop asking me for gum. I can’t have her chewing gum while she is walking down the aisle -- kind of trashy. Also, I don’t want her focusing on the gum -- I want her focusing on walking straight and throwing those damn flowers! So, I told her I would think about it.

My husband had a good idea to divert her -- maybe tell her that when she is done walking down the aisle and after she does a great job, bubby will give her gum while she is sitting down watching the ceremony. Not sure I love that bribe, but if it gets her to give up on the gum chewing down the aisle I might take it.

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