Friday, April 23, 2010

Diary of a flower girl's mom

four-year-old Rachel Rosenberg in her pink flower girl dress
Alyson Rosenberg, 32, is getting her four-year-old daughter Rachel ready for the big day -- Rosenberg's brother's wedding. Rachel is going to be a flower girl at the May 15 ceremony at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In her third installment, Rosenberg details the excitement and anxiety of getting the flower girl-to-be ready for the big day. (See the first installment here and the second installment here.)

Major disaster today with three weeks until the big day. I went to get my bridesmaid dress altered at the bridal boutique and brought Rachel with me. She insisted on trying on every dress she saw and tried this one pretty pink flower girl dress on (see photo). She looked beautiful, but I had no intention of buying it since I already had a pretty dress that got the bride's approval and was the right price for our budget. This dress was $100 and couldn't be returned.

I brought my friend with me today and she almost died when she saw Rachel in it and said I had to buy it and return the dress I had. Every salesperson in the store said the same thing (shocker) and I gave in to peer pressure and bought the dress.

Hours went by today and I knew I had made a mistake -- I should have stuck with what I bought already.

I called the store at 5:30 p.m. to see I could cancel the order, but it was too late... the seamstress already started with the alterations (or so they said). So, I came to peace with the fact that Rachel will wear this new dress, although I know my mom won't like it as much because it's long and she wanted Rachel to wear a shorter dress.
But, I came to peace with it regardless until right before bedtime when Rachel started hysterically crying saying that she didn't want to wear the new dress. She wants to wear the one we had. Hysterics -- I told her the new one is prettier and I loved it and so did she -- remember in the store you danced around in it? But, she insisted that she only wanted to wear the old one.

I know she heard me stressing all day about the decision and even trying to cancel the order. I am so stupid! I should have known better than to say anything in front of her. Ahhh -- not sure what I should do. I could return the old dress because it was from Bloomingdales and still has the tag, but Rachel will be hysterical.

All was going so well up to this point. I am so mad at myself! I have to think of a way to get her to like this new dress because if she doesn't want to wear it, I am screwed the day of the wedding.

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