Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't avoid dark colors and a receiving line is not required

1950's style white wedding dress, gloves and hair piece
It may have been on the stands for a while, but just got its hands on the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Wellwed in the Hamptons. There are some tidbits zeroed in on.

They are the following:

The adorable dress from to the right.

A receiving line is not required, but makes greeting and thanking every guest for coming to the wedding (a must) easier as well as provides a great way for guests to meet the newlyweds' parents and attendants, said Anna Post, author of "Do I Have to Wear White?" and Emily Post's "Wedding Parties."

One bride and groom suggest hiring a wedding coordinator for the wedding day to alleviate stress about last minute issues.

Add something special to the backs of the chairs of the honored people in the wedding, like the couple and their parents.

There's no need to steer clear of dark colors. "It's really the play of dark and light that makes colors really come to life," said Kim Solomito of Water Mill, NY-based Kim Jon Designs.

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