Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diary of a flower girl's mom

flower girl's pink dress on a hanger
Alyson Rosenberg, 33 (she turned 33 last week), is getting her five-year-old daughter (she turned five last week) Rachel ready for the big day -- Rosenberg's brother's wedding. Rachel is going to be a flower girl at the May 15 ceremony at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In her fourth installment, Rosenberg details the excitement and anxiety of getting the flower girl-to-be ready for the big day. (See the first installment here, the second installment here and the third installment here.)

Two weeks left... Days have gone by and Rachel is still insisting on wearing the old dress (see photo), but, I decided I have to return it because it's stupid to be out that much money when we just ordered a perfectly good dress (click on the third installment link to see a picture of the new dress).

I am still kicking myself for trying to cancel the dress in front of her -- not the smartest mom thing I have done this month! So, I came up with a plan -- we will go get shoes to match the new dress and I think she will be excited about them and hopefully forget about the old dress. We went to Nordstrom yesterday and Rachel spent 10 minutes telling the saleswoman that "we are getting shoes to match my new dress and maybe if I like the new shoes, I will want to wear the new dress!"

Sometimes I cannot believe she is my kid because she is so into dresses and jewelry and clothes in general -- all things I am not interested in at all.  As we are trying on the shoes, she spots a pair with gems on them that look like diamonds and says she wants those -- "they have diamonds!"

Some people overheard my daughter scream that and I wanted to hide under my seat -- how mortifying. We try the shoes on and it's all good. Rachel is happy and my problem is solved until the saleswoman tells me that they don't have the shoes in gold, the color that goes with her pink dress. They only have them in black, white and off-white. I sadly leave the store, totally bummed.

By this point Rachel has moved on to the ice cream she is going to get at Baskin-Robbins, but I am still stuck with having to figure it out. I do think a step was made in the right direction as she hasn't mentioned the other dress since yesterday, so that is good sign.  We shall see. I just got her her flower girl basket too and she loves that, practicing throwing paper out of the the basket all week. She is so excited to throw the rose petals. Hopefully she will make it down the aisle -- and in the new dress!

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