Sunday, May 9, 2010

Diary of a flower girl's mom

Alyson Rosenberg, 33, is getting her five-year-old daughter Rachel (see the duo at left) ready for the big day -- Rosenberg's brother's wedding. Rachel is going to be a flower girl at the May 15 ceremony at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In her fifth installment, Rosenberg details the excitement and anxiety of getting the flower girl-to-be ready for the big day. (See the first installment here, the second installment here, the third installment here and the fourth installment here)

There's a week left before the wedding. I have been explaining to Rachel for weeks how she will walk down the aisle and look for Bubby and sit with her. She had it down and knew the plan. But, this week my brother threw a wrench into my plan and the guy didn't even know what he did. He told me that they changed the precession order. Rachel will now be walking down right before the bride and after me and my husband and my parents.

I can see her now -- running after us because she doesn't want to stay behind by herself. I asked my brother if this had to be the order and he replied emphatically that this is the way his wife-to-be wants it. Game over for me. No more asking -- she wants it that way, so that will be how it is.

I asked if my husband and I could be the last people to walk before Rachel has to go down, but my brother said that he thinks another twosome will be before her. I asked if he could please switch that so we could be with her until the last possible moment and he said he would think about it. I started to get panicky, but then calmed down because I didn't want my brother to think I had concerns.

My kid will be a great flower girl -- not one of these little kids that cries halfway through. I have raised her right. Ahhhh -- I am nervous. I have tried to explain the new order to her and I think she gets it, but she is sensing my nerves so I have to stop talking about it and just go with it. Rachel picks up on everything I am feeling, so I need to be cool, which anyone who knows me can tell you, I am not that cool. I really hope she makes it down the aisle, smiles and throws those freaking flowers!

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