Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diary of a flower girl's mom

the bride and the flower girlAlyson Rosenberg, 33, got her five-year-old daughter Rachel (see Rachel and the bride, Yelena Moroz, at left) ready for the big day -- Rosenberg's brother's wedding.

Rachel was a flower girl at the wedding this past Saturday at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

With the wedding behind her, Rosenberg wraps up her diary with her seventh and final installment. (To see the last installment, click here.)

Ah… the sweet smell of success! Rachel was a huge hit and was the perfect flower girl. She walked down the aisle graciously, throwing the flowers, walking slowly, smiling for the camera.

Everyone oohed and aahed and I couldn't of been prouder. She was a rock star and I felt like mother of the year. Everyone came over to me afterward and told me how great she did and how beautiful she looked. I tried to be mellow, like I didn't expect anything else, but I was beaming inside.

The stars aligned for me and she was fantastic -- danced the whole night and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the car seat on the way home. It was perfect.

I paid for it the next day though. She was so tired and so cranky all day long. Nothing made her happy and she wasn't the same kid from the night before. But, that's fine -- better to do that on Sunday than another day. I am so happy. It was great night. Yay Rachel and yay me! I'm so glad it's over.

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Kendall said...

Flower girls are very cute! I'm glad to hear that she behaved during the wedding and really made a very special impact and was a great part of the wedding. Did she wear pearl earrings?

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