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A real wedding: Meghan & Neil

wedding snapshots of the couple, the church and the reception location fanned out
Bride: Meghan Hickey, 30, doctor
Groom: Neil Wortley, 30, chef
Wedding date: April 10, 201
Ceremony location: The First Church in Windsor, Conn. (above middle)
Reception venue: Nutmeg Restaurant in East Windsor, Conn. (above right)
Bridesmaids: Four bridesmaids and one maid of honor
Honeymoon destination: Kennebunkport, Portland and Freeport, Maine (“Neil's visa is a temporary visa -- we have filed for permanent residency -- so he would not be able to re-enter the country if we left,” Hickey said.) 

To see part of Meghan and Neil's photo album, click here


In October 2008, Meghan Hickey was in medical school in Dublin, Ireland, where Neil Wortley was head chef at a busy restaurant. They were both sick of the bar scene and weren’t finding any dating prospects so they turned to Wortley was Hickey’s first date through the dating service. Wortley moved to Boston, Mass. to be with Hickey and less than two years later, they took the plunge at the church where Hickey’s parents belong.
10-photo wedding collage


CAKE: The couple had a three-tier cake. The bottom and top layers were chocolate fudge cake and the middle layer was an apple spice cake. It had white frosting with fresh bells of Ireland and green viburnum. (Third photo down on the left in the collage)

BRIDESMAIDS' ATTIRE: They wore black dresses of their own selection. (Bridal party is in the second photo down on the right in the collage)


Bride -- Round bouquet with white peonies, white ranunculus, white sweet pea, blue hydrangeas, green viburnum, a couple of bells of Ireland blossoms and white feathers in a silver bouquet sleeve

Bridesmaids -- Round bouquets with blue hydrangea, green viburnum, tweedia, lavender roses. Sweet pea was added to the maid of honor's bouquet. (Top photo on the left in the collage)

Church -- There were 10 pomanders with bells of Ireland at the end of every other aisle (fifth photo down on the left in the collage). The alter arrangement was short and made to look almost like a garden of bells of Ireland, green viburnum and tweedia. (The church is in the second photo down on the left in the collage)

Reception -- The pomanders from the church were placed in various places in the reception hall. The centerpieces were 6 x 6 glass cylinders filled with blue hydrangea, viburnum, lavender roses, white ranunculus, with green and white pebbles in the vases. Chef novelty added to the centerpieces. “Neil is a chef so as a surprise for him I had the florist place a small cooking utensil -- whisk or spoon, etc. -- in each arrangement,” Hickey said. (Reception venue is in the third photo down on the right in the collage, and a centerpiece is in the fourth photo down on the right)


INVITES: They were white with teal a flower design on the top left and bottom right. “We actually bought them at Staples and printed them on our home printer,” Hickey said. (Fourth photo down on the left in the collage)

WELCOME GIFTS: Hickey, her mother and her aunt made the welcome gifts for the hotel guests. “We made scones and placed two scones, two bags of Barry's Tea [which is imported from Ireland] and some chocolate kisses on a plate and then wrapped them. There were lots of people from Ireland and England coming and their tea is much more flavorful than ours. I thought it would be nice for them to have some tea from home,” she said.”

BRIDE'S SHOES: Hickey "made" her own wedding shoes, by dying blue a white pair she purchased and adding to them a sparkly shoe clip “which can now be used on any shoe I want to dress up,” she said. (Fourth photo down on the left in the collage)

Photos by Steve Yau,

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