Monday, June 7, 2010

As times have changed, so has the registry

How often do you get to ask people for what you want and actually get it? When it comes to presents, especially expensive ones, not that often.

But with a wedding, a bride and groom have a good shot at getting a lot of what they wish for -- and, honestly, who doesn’t love that?

Now that registries include more than your traditional household goods, couples can think far outside the box for things they really want, like kayaks, a couple's massage and a wad of cash.

Two experts offer some tips to brides and grooms on navigating the registry process.

Nancy Lee, president of, a global online gift registry service

1. You can register for sports gear “or anything else that is going to make you happy.”

2. Yes you can register for cash. “Just do it tastefully and give your guests a choice between cash and actual gifts. Be sure to let your guests know what your plan is for the funds you receive, whether for a honeymoon, a down payment on a new home or anything else. They want to know that they have helped you realize whatever your dream is.”

3. Let guests know where you are registered. “If you are not comfortable sending out ecards yourself, have your maid of honor or someone close to you do it for you. You can also go the old fashioned route by placing registry cards in your invitation envelopes or be more progressive and post your registry on your Facebook page.”

Lisa Blumenthal, owner of Maxwell-Silver New York (soon changing to Maxwell Silver Boutiques), a gift registry service for home decor boutiques in New York City

1. Enjoy the process. “When else can you create a wish list of items for your home that friends and family will actually buy for you?”

2. Both bride and groom should build their registry.

3. Think about whether you plan to host informal and formal gatherings. “If you think you will be entertaining a lot and would love to host all those holiday dinners, then you may want to consider an informal and formal dinnerware collection.”

4. If you buy one set of dishes, “make sure it is durable and dishwasher safe. Stay away from patterns that are very busy or ornate. After time, day in and day out, you will most likely tire of them.”

5. Consider registering for two or four breakfast sets. “This way you have an option for your everyday use and your own special set just for the two of you... how romantic!”

6. Include items in all price points on the registry -- starting at $10 to $20, and don’t forget some big-ticket items.

7. If you don’t need any items for the home, “register for things you can share together -- wine classes, cheese of the month or cooking instruction in your home.”


Jules said...

Great ideas! Love that you are talking about alternatives and creative ideas. I just came across another site that we already signed-up to use. Really cool article in the special weddings magazine this weekend that I thought you might want to know about:

Lauren said...

Thanks for sending the article.
I love this part under "The down payment for a home can be symbolized by individual parts of the home like 'front door,' 'kitchen counter' and so forth."
What site are you using?

kendall said...

I remember when I was a bride I considered alternatives to asking people to buy me wedding gifts. I didn't want to come across as rude but wanted to show that we were in need at the same time. Your post really can help brides do just that!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad to see someone saying that its ok to tell guests directly where you're registered. When I was getting married, all my friends told me that it was not appropriate to tell people directly about it and that I should rely on word of mouth. Turns out I didn't get anything that was on my registry!

Deb said...

Great ideas! I'm registered at for my October Wedding and sent out enouncements with the help of my best friend adn mom. They were tasteful and many of our friends are all about social media so they preferred receiving word through gmail rather than sending out a bunch of unnecessary notifications through snail mail. This is seriously a wonderful, informative post. Helps us brides out who are sometimes made to feel guilty by oldfashioned crowds.

Pat said...

I never thought wedding registries would be on the list of technology that freaks me out. Times have changed for sure... now has an iPhone app that you can use as a barcode scanner for ANYTHING! It's like having a target registry gun for any store. Nuts!

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