Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fave tweets of the week

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Here’s our round-up of the best wedding- and marriage-related tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @weddingscoops with your favorite retweets and don't forget to follow us!

Flat tire en route to the wedding. I think I'm cursed when it comes to cars! Never a dull moment...

@wimagazine @inviteinthepost Men do love bridal mags; we just read them on the lav so we can do it secretly.

My aunt just gave me the thinly veiled "I love the gown but it will look better when you're not fat" speech. 15 lbs? Really? Argh.

Just got an invitation for a "cowboy boots optional" wedding. Yeehaw!

I'm picking up my bridesmaid dress. An angry groom's mom just called the bride a “disgusting monster.” Yikes.

If your groom proposes with a ring that isn't your engagement ring (as he wants you to choose), what do you call it? A proposal ring?

Seems like the majority of folks are planning on equal numbers for their bridal party attendants...

Love is a feeling, marriage is a contract, and a relationship is work.

Do not understand the thinking behind paying for a rehearsal dinner for everyone but wanting cash bars for it & wedding. This is OK how?

It always adds interest to the room when the tables are different shapes.

Are “strange/different” locations to marry becoming a trend or just media hype?

I love this! RT @NYEWeek: True friends are like heartbeats, you may not hear them frequently, but they silently support life. #quotes #NYEW

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