Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The perfect dress for all bridesmaids

the bride and her bridesmaids pose together
From left, the bride and her bridesmaids, including Jovana Rizzo (end)

By Jovana Rizzo

When my cousin announced she was engaged and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was so happy and honored to participate in what will be one of the most important days of her life. But this is my first time as a bridesmaid, and questions started running through my mind: What were my responsibilities as a bridesmaid? Which groomsman would I walk down the aisle with? How much would all the preparation cost? And, most importantly, what would the bridesmaid dress look like?

The bride-to-be has excellent taste, so I knew it wouldn't be one of those wedding horror stories where the bridesmaid tosses the dress immediately after the wedding day, but I still wondered what style she would choose and how it would fit. After all, the bridal party heights range from five feet to almost six feet tall, so the dress would inevitably look different on the various body types.

My biggest concern was whether it would be short or long. The last time I wore a dress below my knee was my high school prom, and at five feet tall, long dresses usually look like they are wearing me, rather than the other way around. So I was thrilled when the bride texted me a picture of the dresses she chose: a yellow, one-shouldered cocktail dress -- perfect for any summer celebration, especially a July wedding.

When I went for my fitting, however, it was a different story. The dress fell below my knee, mid-calf, a length that isn't flattering on anyone besides runway models. I asked the tailor, who reminded me of my Italian grandma, at the dress shop if she could shorten it and bring it in, as it was also a little loose, but she said she thought it fit fine, and I would have to ask the bride for permission to shorten it. I left feeling a little defeated. Although the most important person on the wedding day is the bride, I didn't want to walk down the aisle looking frumpy.
A week later, at the bride's surprise wedding shower (for the gift, the bridesmaids all chipped in $100 each for the bride's honeymoon), I discussed with the bride and fellow bridesmaids, and we decided to shorten them all to just above the knee -- or in the case of the taller bridesmaids, add fabric so it would reach the knee. I wonder if they'll use the six inches they have to chop off of my dress to lengthen the others!

The second fitting went much better, and I had my confidence restored that I would be walking down the aisle looking just as cute as the other bridesmaids. I had a different tailor this time, a younger woman who understood the style we were going for. She shortened the dress and brought it in about an inch. After pinning the dress, she even had me practice walking around and sitting just to make sure it wasn't too tight. It fit great, but I definitely can't gain an ounce before the wedding.

$250.41 is typically more than I would spend on a dress for myself, so I'm excited to have a new custom-fit dress that will definitely be wearable post-wedding, rather than one that would have spent eternity in the back of my closet. I still have to buy the shoes, which will be some sort of gold sandals, but we haven't decided yet whether all the bridesmaids will be wearing the same shoes because of our different heights. And the generous bride is giving us jewelry to wear on her wedding day as gifts.

Next up: Bachelorette party July 4th weekend in Fort Lauderdale, wedding rehearsal, and then the big day at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.

Money spent as bridesmaid to date: $868.79 (includes $518.38 for the hotel and plane ticket to the bachelorette party)

Days until the wedding: 45


Kendall said...

That is a really hot wedding dress!!!!! And the bridesmaid dresses are hot as well. Hot bride, hot bridesmaids!

Anonymous said...

The bride isn't wearing her wedding dress in that picture, it's just another cute white dress! The picture is from her wedding shower. :)

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