Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tying up loose ends

a series of out-of-town guest bags
The couple's out-of-town guest bags

From pre-engagement to the wedding, couples go through a whole host of emotions. One bride-to-be, 31, who asked to be called "A Northeast Gal," agreed to share her experiences leading up to her wedding to "A West Coast Guy," 29, in a series of diary entries.

Today, A Northeast Gal talks about tying up loose ends before the big day... (To see what A Northeast Gal wrote in her last diary entry, click here.)

The basics:
Date began dating: Late March 2006
Engagement date: Feb. 27, 2009
Wedding date: June 26, 2010 (today)
Place of residence: Boston, Mass.

I feel very grateful that I’m only working part time right now and spending the other part of the time working on my doctoral studies. My schedule allowed me the flexibility to spend time doing wedding stuff. Many of my friends had no choice but to tie up loose ends for their weddings the week of the big day. I went home three weeks before mine for an entire week to take care of wedding stuff. I thought I would spend a somewhat relaxing week doing wedding errands and catching up on sleep and maybe even getting in some light reading. I ambitiously brought three library books with me!

What happened instead is that my mom and I were busy for five straight days in a row. I met with our officiant to plan the wedding ceremony, I had a trial run with my hair stylist, my mom and I ran wedding errands, purchased supplies to make ceremony programs, made the ceremony programs and brought them to get color copied, and took a tour of the location one last time with the site coordinator, our day-of coordinator, and the main contact from the bar service.

I worked on making the favors (a love mix CD), decorated paper cranes to go on every chair in the sanctuary where the ceremony will take place, and prepared out-of-town guest bags. My mom was stressed about purchasing flowers -- she is acting as florist and putting together the centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres with the help of friends. Even writing this list I can’t imagine why everything took as long as it did, but it did. Everyone told me that the final weeks leading up to the wedding are the busiest and they certainly are!

Throughout the week, I have felt exhausted and fairly stressed. I started to think about the total sum of money that everyone was paying for these two days, including my fiancĂ© and I. We hosted a welcome party at my parents’ house last night for the wedding party and out-of-town guests and the wedding itself is tonight. I began to feel that this thing had swung out of for control a bit and everything was going to be a bit more extravagant than I first imagined. Of course, tonight I’m going to be grateful that we were able to put on such a nice event for friends and family, however, that doesn’t stop the panic feeling that comes with feeling like you are on a runaway train.

My advice to any bride is to not underestimate how much time those last minute pesky details take. Whenever possible, try and make sure you are tying up loose ends as early as possible, especially if you have any “do-it-yourself” elements. It is really difficult to stay calm and relaxed as the day draws closer or at least it was difficult for me. I would recommend taking at least one day before the wedding to do nothing related to the wedding and just relax and do something to take your mind off of everything. The wedding is going to happen regardless of the amount of worry you invest in it.

My next entry will be about the big day itself!

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