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Videography must-haves and celebrity wedding videos

Headshots of Beverly Mitchell and Kevin Jonas
  Beverly Mitchell and Kevin Jonas interviewed a few New York videographers -- David Samelman of DMS Video Productions, Alan Roth of Asymmetric Pictures and Edward Neary of Joseph Edwards -- and asked them for the skinny on everything video, in a two-part series. The first part covered why it’s good to hire a videographer and how to avoid a cheesy wedding video. (Click here to read that post.)

Today, the experts address wedding video must-haves and the most unique weddings they have recorded, including celebs tying the knot.

1. What are the "must-haves" for a wedding video?

Samelman: Multiple camera coverage, correct pacing [and] a production of the appropriate length. You really must have a story.

Roth: Allow the videographer as much access to the wedding day, from the bride and groom getting ready until the reception ends. And do not have a reception that is beautifully dark [because] video requires light and [you don’t want] the videographer to point lights at everyone.

2. Color or black and white?

Samelman: The current trend is bold color especially given the availability of high definition. Black and white is not popular right now.

Roth: All shots should be in color. Black and white is totally unnecessary unless the couple requests that in editing. Save black and white for the still photographs.

Neary: Since you are converting from black and white to color in the editing process it doesn't matter.

3. What is the most unique wedding you have filmed and why?

Samelman: [One that was] half Hindu and half Catholic wedding because [of] the mixture of both cultures along with the openness of the guests.

Roth: A Hindu wedding at the Hindu temple in Queens was unique in that I was fascinated by all the rituals, so it made it fun to shoot. This included the bride's henna application early in the morning.

Neary: It's a toss up between 'Jonas Brother' Kevin Jonas' wedding and [actress and country music singer] Beverly Mitchells' wedding.

Kevin’s rehearsal dinner and wedding took place at Oheka Castle in Long Island last December. At the rehearsal dinner, the ballroom was converted into a large roller skating rink (really cool) and on the day of the wedding there was a huge snow storm and tons of security. Oheka even built a tent connecting to the facility because the ballroom was too small to accommodate the amount of guests.

Beverly's wedding took place in Ravello, Italy in October of 2008. There were lots of paparazzi and they even chased us before the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the day after the wedding, we did a Rock the Dress shoot [a photo shoot the day after the wedding when the bride wears her gown] in Positano [Italy] and ended up in the Mediterranean.

4. What is the strangest thing that has happened to you at a wedding you were filming?

Samelman: One of the band's sound speakers caught on fire and the lead singer and drummer picked it up and threw it into the parking lot in flames.

Neary: [We] did a really big wedding at the Pierre Hotel a few years ago and all was cool. Unfortunately for the groom, the bride’s uncle had too much to drink, started a family fight, and when the groom tried to find out what the commotion was, the bride’s uncle punched the groom in the stomach. Mayhem followed, and the police had to be called in and arrest a few people.

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