Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fave tweets of the week

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Here’s our unedited round-up of the best wedding- and marriage-related tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @weddingscoops with your favorite retweets and don't forget to follow us!

A US bride says she was a bridesmaid 29 times before wearing the white dress herself. Not surprised she didn't have time for a relationship!

Perfect for a cop's wedding. RT @BrideTide: Doughnut Wedding Cake! ~

I wore my maid of honor shirt from @weddingchicks yesterday and got lots of compliments; people thought "maid of honor" was a brand :)

Groom just asked me when are we cutting the cake? Um we are only 2 hours in.. Made me laugh!

40 days till the wedding - you can find me running around my block trying to drop the last 10lbs to my wedding weight goal!

RT @WeddingAces: Children and Weddings, How to handle telling the parents they aren't on the guest list ~

i am getting more and more nervous about seeing wedding pictures. i'm convinced that i looked like a total hot mess.

Lavish weddings still popular despite slumping economy (via @UpTo700ADay)

Perhaps the most important thing to prepare for on your wedding day is the wedding night -

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