Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grooms and their grooming

a groom's torso
Makeup, hair, nails -- brides do it all for the big day, but what about the grooms?

Well, they, too, want to do a little somethin' somethin' on their wedding day.

New York City- and Seattle-based celebrity makeup artist Suresh Seneviratne, who does men's grooming for private clients, said grooms have asked him to "reduce shine and red cheeks."

Los Angeles groom-to-be Brian Leahy, who is the author of the Groom Says blog, said that all grooms want are "just a close, clean shave and your reliable hair gel/wax." He added: "I once followed a groom from hotel room to hotel room hunting down gel."

Florida-based wedding planner and designer Kelly McWilliams said she can only think of one groom who asked for primping. "He wanted sunburn cover up (make-up)," McWilliams said. She noted, however, that "brides have made some of my grooms get hair-styled though."

Grooms are concerned about skin care, said makeup artist Christan Burran whose clients have included Sarah Jessica Parker and Natalie Portman, "meaning a good moisture cream to help with dryness and give a smooth look. Also they often ask for powder to keep the shine away for the photos."

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