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A Northeast Gal weds A West Coast Guy

A Northeast Gal and A West Coast Guy together on the eve before they wed
A Northeast Gal and A West Coast Guy on the eve before they wed

From pre-engagement to the wedding, couples go through a whole host of emotions. One woman, 31, who asked to be called "A Northeast Gal," agreed to share her experiences leading up to her recent wedding to "A
West Coast Guy," 29, in a series of diary entries.

In her final post, A Northeast Gal talks all about her big day... (To see what A Northeast Gal wrote in her last diary entry, click here.)

The basics:
Wedding date: June 26, 2010 Venue: All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne, Vt.Wedding party: Three bridesmaids, two groomsmenMini-moon” destination: Topnotch Resort & Spa, Stowe, Vt.

For a sneak peek at the professional pictures from the wedding, click here.
Wedding details

Bridesmaids’ attire: Bridesmaids were allowed to select whatever dress they wanted in any color. The bridesmaids decided to coordinate amongst themselves and ultimately decided on a particular length of dress (knee length). They ended up looking wonderful together and purchased cloth flowers to put in their hair that really pulled together their look.

Groomsmen’s attire: Khakis and white button-up shirts. It was important to the groom that his groomsmen be comfortable and yet look somewhat formal.

Flowers: My mom (who essentially was my wedding planner) and several of her close friends supplied flowers and created bouquets for the bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, and sister of the groom, boutonnieres for the groomsmen and FOB, flower arrangements for the table centerpieces, large bouquets for the sanctuary (where the ceremony was held), and various other arrangements (see above).

Rentals: Linens and various tables and buffet materials were rented. My mother selected the purple pintuck tablecloths and they added a pop of color to the wedding reception. In fact, while we didn’t “officially” pick colors for the wedding the “unofficial” colors ended up being purple, blue and green.

Table decorations: A graphic design studio created table number cards and quotation cards that were placed on each table.

Food: There were passed and stationary appetizers and then a buffet. The caterers made sure that we got appetizers to eat and ate dinner first, so we actually ate the food and were so glad that we were able to because it was delicious.
cupcake tower

Cupcakes: I love cupcakes and so it was an easy decision to go with cupcakes (above) rather than cake for the wedding. Cupcakes were purchased in the following flavors: lemon, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and coffee.

Music: Prior to the ceremony and during the appetizers Maple Ridge performed. Maple Ridge is a local group my mother plays with that consists of four fiddlers, a cellist and a bassist. For all other music, we used play lists on the groom’s computer. We spent time creating play lists for the first dance, dinner and more dancing. We used speakers and a microphone from a local DJ.

Photography: I was so happy with the photographer because she listened to my requests and captured so many important moments. I had the idea to get rice paper parasols for my bridesmaids and myself and they turned out to be excellent props for the pictures.
Some of the details I was so happy about
couple laughing mid-ceremony
The couple laughing mid-ceremony

A friend videotaped the ceremony and continued to tape throughout the reception, while another friend used a small handheld camera to capture various moments throughout the reception. The wedding day seems like a dream and it hasn’t even been a full week so I am grateful to have so much captured on video.

I was so excited to dance at the reception that I suggested that my bridesmaids and others do quick toasts but after hearing the wonderful things that everyone said I realized a little less dancing was nothing compared to the experience of hearing family and friends get up and say their thoughts on such an important day.

I am so grateful that our caterers made such a point to have us eat. The groom and I need to eat frequently or else our blood sugar dips so it was particularly important that we ate during our wedding reception. The groom and I took 10 to 15 minutes after our ceremony to sit alone and eat appetizers and just be with one another, just the two of us, and then the caterers had our table go up to the buffet first to make sure we got to sit and eat dinner.

Our officiant brought hula hoops (she makes them). Playing with the hula hoops (see FOB in action above) was such a whimsical way to spend a portion of the dinnertime once everyone had eaten. It was a great photo/video opportunity and brought even more levity to the event.

My mom and I decided that having a day-of wedding coordinator would be important and it was! I would recommend to everyone (regardless of budget) to find the money to hire someone to manage the wedding day. Our wedding coordinator was a friend of a friend who had experience with event planning. She helped make sure everything was set up just as my mom and I wanted it to be and she kept each component of the day moving forward. I was able to be the bride and not worry about all of the details and timeline of the day. Her contribution to the day was critical and priceless.

There is so much that I am grateful for about our wedding day. My now-husband and I are so appreciative for all of the friends and vendors who helped make our wedding what it was. There was a fair amount of stress leading up to the actual event but it was all worth it for the big day and the most important thing is that both my husband and I were mentally present during the day and we both felt relaxed as we prepared to walk down the aisle. I will never forget the feeling of joy that pervaded the wedding ceremony and the reception.

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