Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ways to tighten the purse strings

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have an unlimited wedding budget? Since that is generally not the case, asked one bride-to-be, who has found ways to cut costs, for some creative ways couples can tighten the purse strings.

The Boston-based bride-to-be, who goes by the name Broke Bride-to-Be, is getting ready for her October wedding.

"Throughout my (hopeless) process,” she said, “here are the ways I've cut costs…”

1. Get married off-season -- between October and January.
2. Choose a Friday night or a Sunday rather than a Saturday night. (We're getting married on a Sunday night over a holiday weekend, so it works out just like a weekend night, but without the huge price tag).
3. Skip flowers for centerpieces. I'm doing different height glass hurricanes with white candles. I doubt anyone will miss the flowers.
4. Don't choose 97 bridesmaids. I got a little overexcited and asked my eight closest friends to be in the wedding and it really adds up: bouquets for each, rehearsal dinner, [bridesmaid] gifts… yikes.
5. Don't just go with your venue for everything. I saved on chair covers and cake by hiring outside vendors rather than using the venue’s [vendors].

Other ways to cut costs, has previously reported, include reducing the guest list, holding the wedding during off-peak hours, using fresh flowers rather than hand-made edible flowers on a cake, incorporating local foods, renting clothes and furniture, incorporating recycled items, scaling down flower arrangements, making bridesmaids’ bouquets or favors double as decorations or centerpieces, simplifying the menu, hiring vendors that are new to the business and holding the rehearsal dinner at home.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we were married during the wedding season so we couldn't save money in that regards. But we only chose 5 people in our bridal party and made our DIY reception table centerpieces!

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