Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 questions for Ms. Polka Dot

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Who are all these wedding bloggers and why they do what they do?

In a multi-part series, Wedding-Scoops.com asked a number of wedding bloggers -- those with no other professional interest in the wedding industry -- the same five questions about what keeps them going day after day.

In the fifth installment, Wedding-Scoops.com talked to Ms. Polka Dot, the editor of Polka Dot Bride, "an Australian wedding blog dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful wedding uniquely yours." (See the last installment here.)

Here is what Ms. Polka Dot (who declines to reveal her true identity) had to say:

Why are you a wedding blogger? 
Why not? Weddings are such a wonderful thing. All the delicious things in life -- gowns, flowers, food, wine... all surrounding the most magical moment of love. So many happy memories, so many dreams of the future ahead. I can't think of anything else I'd rather write about.

What do you enjoy most about wedding blogging? 
Interacting with brides who are so passionate and excited about their wedding day. I also love the joy of writing, the amazing photographs I see each and every day and working with such dynamic and creative vendors.

What do you like least about wedding blogging?
The e-mail correspondence can get overwhelming and the technical side does my head in. But overall, it's a pretty amazing job.

What do you consider to be your wedding expertise?
Polka Dot Bride focuses purely on inspiring weddings with our specialty blogs extending from that. We're Australia-based so a lot of our content is local but can be transformed and used to inspire weddings around the world.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! Amazing photographs, beautiful aspects of nature, intriguing conversations, stylish interior magazines, craft stores -- I get inspired by random things in random places.

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Cindy said...

Thanks for the info. I must stop by her blog now and check it out!

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