Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lots of DIY for a beach wedding

Hillary and Nick integrated a slew of creative DIY ideas into their Aug. 21 wedding on the Oregon Coast, according to their photographer Check out some of Hillary's handiwork (photos taken by, much of which constitutes "something blue."

Individual blue letters on the beach against the grass spell LOVE

Baby blue paper lanterns with little lights decorate the beach and a blue pinwheel in the sand
Baby blue paper lanterns with little lights on the beach.

Two sunfish, a thank-you note attached to metal expandable S'mores fork and packed Graham crackers and marshmallows
Thank-you notes on forks and S'mores ingredients.
Two photos of personalized canvas bags and a rock that says Enjoy
Personalized canvas bags for guests to transport gifts home.


Kendall said...

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P.S. I love beach weddings! and the cute DIY Love letters in the sand!

Alice Falzone [] said...

THANK YOU lauren, for posting our photos!
the bride, hillary, was SO creative and, with help from her closest friends, did EVERYTHING you see here and more!
we love photographing details... :)
~ Alice :)

Cindy said...

Great suggestions! I would imagine that everyone had a lot of fun!

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