Thursday, September 23, 2010

A themed engagement photo shoot

Artäge Pictures gives us a sneak peek into Sandra & Carlo’s green sofa-themed engagement shoot in the video teaser above. The shoot took place Aug 30, 2010  in the Oakville area just outside of Toronto, said Steven Somfalvi, founder and principal photographer of Toronto-based Artäge Pictures. Sandra and Carlo are getting married in December. "The engagement shoot in the summer was a nice contrast to what will be a winter wedding for them," he said. talked to Somfalvi about what a themed engagement shoot is, why a couple would want to invest in one and how much it costs. 

What is a themed engagement shoot?
It’s a production with a loose narrative or common theme. 

What are the prices for engagement shoots?
Standard engagement shoots are $500, themed engagement shoots (see a teaer video above) are $1,000 and artäges (art collages combining music, images and video) are $2,000.

Why invest in a themed engagement shoot?
Unfortunately, time is of the essence on a wedding day and many of the great ideas are tossed aside as there is simply no opportunity. Engagement shoots are the best avenue to elaborate on unique ideas, to create something memorable and to have loads of fun.

How are the themed engagement shoots packaged – as a video, as photos in a separate album, as photos in the wedding album?
Every event is presented in a slide show. [Engagement shoots] utilize specific independent music and we never use the same song again. Most of our clients also invest in a custom-made guest book. Using their engagement photos, we design a very funky book for their guests to sign [on the wedding day]. It's the photos and the meaningful words from your guests all captured in one medium.

Don't people find a themed engagement shoot to be kind of random?
Randomness is in vogue. From brides and grooms jumping out of airplanes, to full on dance sets down the aisle, today's generation wants to create something that is different, something that is potentially jarring and most importantly, not traditional.

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