Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding invitation advice

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There are so many wedding invitation options and so many places to look for inspiration.

To help you get started (or get you out of a jam), sought out stationery expert Jillian Bos, founder and owner of Gigi Press, for some advice.

Gigi Press is a Los Angeles-based earth-friendly letterpress company (letterpress is raised type that is stamped onto paper) whose products are handmade in the U.S. using only 100 percent cotton, tree-free papers and soy based inks.

Where should a couple begin when they first start looking at invitations? All those books with so many options can be overwhelming.
Yes it is overwhelming! Look for inspiration in things other than bridal magazines -- interior design, art, clothing, nature, food. Compile your loves, live with them for a while and edit. If going the custom route, show [your ideas] to the designer, and they will be able to press your vision on paper. In the end, my design philosophy remains: keep it simple, elegant and timeless.

What's the current trend in invitations?
Very innovative -- there are no rules. I love to see others push the envelope. At the end of the day, I still favor the classic, formal invitation, yet I like to have fun with everything surrounding it.

Are there invitations that are better suited to a certain season?
I think invitations need to suit the couple.

Do invitations, reply cards and save-the-dates all have to be color coordinated?

What do you think of online invitations?
For a wedding, no. There are so many affordable options these days, there is no excuse. For a book club -- yes.

What do you think about people making their own wedding invitations?
[I] love DIY. There is something so special about receiving something handmade.

What percentage of your clients care about being "green"? How do green invitations compare in price to non-green ones?
"Green" stationery products are comparable in price to non-green, so why not go green?  My clients love how they can get good design and be environmentally friendly. It's icing on the cake.

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