Saturday, October 30, 2010

Groom cakes for mountain climbers, sushi lovers and beer guzzlers

cop car with dog sticking his head out of the window cake
Cop car groom's cake by Pink Cake Box
groom climbs up a mountain while the bride is on the ground holding the support line cake
Mountain climber cake by Cool Cakes by Lindsay
two deer heads on top of a four-tier brown cake with leaves sitting on top a tree stump
Camouflage cake by Sugar & Spice Bakery
black three-tier cake with white image of a back spine
A back spine cake by Texas Star Bakery
white cake with sushi plate on it with sushi rolls and chopsticks
Sushi cake by by Cakes by Graham
large Nike sneaker and small basketball
Sneaker and ball by Carty Cakes
Three Miller Lite bottles on the top tier of the round cake and chocolate-covered strawberries on the bottom square cake
Beer bottle groom's cake by Theme Cakes by Traci
A green, yellow and orange fish
Dolphin fish cake by Cakes by Graham


cakesbygraham said...

My name is Graham Haddock, Owner of Cakes by Graham located in Richmond Va. Unfortunately the Nemo Sushi cake has been incorrectly credited to another bakery. I made the cake in the picture along with the fish cake which is correctly credited. Would you please change the credit and link. Thank you.

Lauren said...

Sorry about the error. It has been corrected.

Cindy said...

Fantastic cakes!!!

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