Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scrabble-inspired wedding cake

four-tier cake with Scrabble words and a big K tile at the top

According to Anne Heap, owner of Denville, NJ-based Pink Cake Box, who made this Scrabble-inspired cake: The wedding cake was themed off the Scrabble board game. The bride and groom used to play together over the Internet while the groom was stationed in Iraq. Pink Cake Box emphasized the letter "K" because the bride and groom both have names starting with "K."

Each tier contained (edible) lettered Scrabble tiles forming the words "marriage," "love," "laughter" and "family." The cake was covered in red fondant and decorated with ivory and gold ribbon. Flavors included red velvet cake with cream cheese and chocolate cake with peanut butter.


Kara said...

Awwww...I had a couple who wanted a scrabble cake but they chickened out! People should be more adventurous with their wedding cakes, this shows that themed cakes can be done really well.


BestOffer said...

That's a nice scrabble cake ! I should have had one like this one !

Beth said...

That is just perfect! My husband loves scrabble and he would have loved to have a cake like this...although we would have to include more high point tiles as he's such a point monster. :-) Thanks for sharing this.

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