Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Man uses Craigslist to find 4th groomsman

Emil Rodriguez and his fiance, Kirsten Rogers

By Lauren Elkies

An extra pair of 20-sided die cuff links prompted Seattle groom-to-be and self-described "gaming nerd" Emil Rodriguez to hunt for a fourth groomsman on Craigslist.

Originally, Rodriguez, 27, propositioned the three groomsmen he wanted, "but then I noticed that my fiance had made an extra pair of cuff links in case I wanted a fourth groomsmen, which is what started me down the road of writing the [Craigslist] post," Rodriguez said over e-mail. His fiance Kirsten Rogers, 28, who works for a local non-profit organization, only has three bridesmaids.

Should Rodriguez find the groomsman of his dreams, he said, "we might have to find her another bridesmaid...maybe another Craigslist post."

Tying the knot Sept. 10, Rodriguez, who works in public relations, says in his pitch (see below): "I'm in need of a few good men. If you're looking for a free meal, a chance to hit on emotionally charged members of both sexes, and a potentially endless supply of booze, then look no further."

In return, Rodriguez seeks guys that will look worse than him in a tuxedo, will give him a "god damn awesome D&D game at a swank hotel suite" for his bachelor's party and will wear "d20 [or 20-sided die] cuff links (see photo), because my fiance already made you some."

Compensation: zero.

Rodriguez said he has received about 20 submissions so far, including from strangers.

While he does in fact plan to pick a groomsman from the applicants assuming he clicks with one, he said: "With all submissions, my current plan is to set up a nerd game day at a local gaming store and meet them all, and just have an excuse to go have a few beers with some fellow gamers."

Emil Rodriguez's Craiglist ad (click to enlarge)


Austin Wedding Blog said...

I'm definitely intrigued to find out how it turns out. Keep us posted! - Rachel

Margaret Ivory - Ivory Pearl Bridal said...

What he has no other friends or brothers of friends or uncles or neighbors..hope they don't get a lunatic or something. I mean ask the guy at the corner store that you see each day instead of a complete stranger...

bonafidebride said...

This is hilarious! Reminds me of "I Love You Man" in a way...

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