Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The most absurd wedding gifts

$24 cocktail napkins? A sconce? A Christmas-designed oil and vinegar set? Such are some of the ridiculous, and often seriously insulting, wedding presents that Wedding-Scoops.com was told couples have received. Our favorite?

A bride went to return a wedding gift at a cookware and tableware store only to be told that she couldn't return the book because it was a free gift that had accompanied a purchase of pots and pans.

Here are some of the most absurd wedding presents couples told Wedding-Scoops.com they were given:

-- "A very hideous crystal fruit basket" similar to the one in the photo above. "It was obviously re-gifted (even my mother in law said as much) and since I didn't really keep track of who did and didn't give us presents, the couple would have been better served by not getting us anything at all. But now that I know this couple is really cheap with presents, the first chance I get I will be re-gifting an equally hideous gift to them."

-- Two sets of $12 white cocktail napkins from Pottery Barn [from the couple's registry], for a total of $24 (see photo to the right). The gift giver? A groomsman and his wife.

-- "A wall sconce… but we truly thought it was a doorstop till my sister figured out what it was. It never went on our wall."

-- "We actually just received a box of assorted cheeses… as a wedding gift, which was a little random (albeit tasty). In the culinary vein, we also got a case of BBQ sauce, [which] will probably move from house to house with us, unopened, for years to come. In terms of non-edibles, someone gave us a music box that plays 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' A sweet gesture, but it left us completely speechless."

-- “It was a painting done of my husband and me in which my husband looks like a Lego. The painting was given to us by a couple who could afford to buy our entire china registry. Of course, the painter -- the wife in the couple -- values her ‘art’ to be worth at least that much. The painting resides on a shelf in my office, where it was shipped. Face down.”

-- A cream, purple, blue and burgundy hand-knitted afghan (see photo above).

-- "A survival guide for how to live in the woods if the world turned to chaos. And that was in 1993. It must be on its 20th edition by now."

-- An oil and vinegar set with a snowy Christmas scene.

-- "One of my father's friends wrote us a check for a very odd number... he later told my father that that sum is how much his last electric bill was."


Anonymous said...

Het guys, these stories are great! I was surprisingly not invited to a recent family-ish wedding and am in need of a truly crappy to give the happy couple. I want something that really shows them that I put a lot of effort into picking out something so tasteless. It can't be offensive, though, because I am very close with the bride's sister.

Any suggestions would be much appreciatead!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE add mine. We just got married last weekend and a girl I've known since elementary school and have been friends with since middle school (I'm 28 now) brought her boyfriend with her and the two of them thought it would be ok to give us $10 MEASURING SPOONS from off our registry. We STILL have a number of things available on our registry for more than $10 but less than $100 that they could have chosen from but no, they chose to pick out the least expensive thing on our registry. It came with a card and I expected to find some money in there to accompany the spoons. NOPE, just the spoons. So between the TWO of them they generously ponied up $5 each. Thanks guy!

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