Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fave tweets of the week

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Here’s our virtually unedited round-up of the best wedding- and marriage-related tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @weddingscoops with your favorite retweets and don't forget to follow us!

What to do with wedding ring when gooping on moisturizer & sunblock? Icky 2 leave it on but feel weird taking it off all the time.

About to go to my brother's wedding rehearsal & dinner... I get to meet my brother's mom for the first time... weird.

Watching "My Strange Addiction: I'm Married To A Doll" on @TLC. This guy even bought wedding bands for him and his plastic doll.

#Bride&Groom want a #wedding with hearty comfort food! Menu includes Smoked Fish Éclairs w/Wild Leek Tartare Sauce & Mini Jelly Doughnuts.

Designing my dad's wedding invite. I can say it's the most difficult thing I've had to make. Weird too. Maybe it's wine time soon...

I didn't get an invite - weird RT @TorontoStar: Queen Elizabeth sends out invites for royal wedding

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