Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lingerie picks for the bride

Black strapless bra, white bustier and a strapless dress
By Victoria DeCarmine 

On your wedding day, it’s important to look and feel your best. That means having the right dress, shoes, makeup, and yes -- lingerie. With the wide variety of dress styles available for brides, choosing the right lingerie can be tricky. 

But, finding the right undergarments can be simple if you follow the advice of Rebecca Apsan, owner of New York City lingerie shop La Petite Coquette at 51 University Place in Greenwich Village. She talked with about brides' best lingerie options.

“When purchasing wedding lingerie, the biggest mistake brides often make is buying their undergarments before purchasing their wedding dress or trying on the lingerie without the dress,” Apsan said. When brides visit the lingerie shop, it’s important to bring the wedding dress to ensure the bra or bustier fits perfectly with the specific dress style.

Also, Apsan said most brides will need a bustier under a wedding dress if their style allows for one.

When deciding on a bustier, it’s important to consider both comfort and sexiness.

“For comfort, choose a bustier with a longer torso line so that it won't hit the hipbone, which usually creates a muffin top,” she said. “For sexiness, brides can choose a bustier with flat lace or embroidery instead of a plainer undergarment,” Apsan added. But don’t get too fancy with embroidery or embellishments on wedding lingerie because in most cases, the simpler the lingerie the better so it doesn’t show underneath your dress.

When it comes to panties, Apsan told that most brides choose to wear a white or blue thong on their wedding day. However, she said if the bottom part of a dress is fitted or single layered, it’s a good idea to select seamless bottoms to avoid seeing embellishments or seams of the underwear through the dress.

“Otherwise brides usually prefer something sexy underneath such as lacy or silky panties,” Apsan added.

Apsan suggested the following wedding gown-bra combos:

Strapless dress

Most bustiers are convertible to strapless and therefore work well with strapless dresses (see image above). If no control is needed in the torso area, brides can wear a normal strapless bra. However, the structure of the bustier keeps everything in place and could prevent unwanted slippage throughout the wedding day.

Backless dress

Backless dress and sticky bra cups
Backless dresses and other unique styles demand special types of bras. If the dress is completely backless, the only option is sticky bra cups, which work by adhering directly to the skin. Although most women prefer bustiers on their wedding day because they offer reliable control and structure, they simply won’t work with backless styles. Since the back of bustiers only dip down a few inches lower from the regular bra band, a bustier would be visible with a backless dress style.

Sheath dress 

Bustier with minimum boning and sheath dress
For a sheath dress, Rebecca recommends a bra or bustier with minimum boning and as few seams as possible so it won't show through the sheath style, which is often tight fitting at the top. There are many seamless bras and bustiers available made of microfiber that is invisible under a tight-fitting dress.

A-line dress 

A-line dress and simple undergarment
For A-line dresses, the only thing a bride should worry about is the top part when choosing lingerie. If the dress has a fitted top, make sure to select a simple undergarment so nothing shows through the dress. Whether the A-line dress is strapless, has a sweetheart neckline, or halter top, a convertible bra is a good option.

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