Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top places for destination weddings

green, white and red Mexican flag
Mexican flag
Mexico, Jamaica and Dominican Republic are the top three choices for destination weddings, acccording to DestinationWeddings.com, a destination wedding planning website (Wedding-Scoops.com found it via a Bridal Tweet post). The top 10 rankings are the most popular destinations out of the last 1,100 weddings DestinationWeddings.com booked.

Here is the full list:

   1. Mexico
   2. Jamaica
   3. Dominican Republic
   4. Bahamas
   5. Hawaii
   6. U.S. Virgin Islands
   7. Aruba
   8. Fiji
   9. Cruise
  10. Europe

1 comment:

Hummingbird Hall Weddings in Jamaica said...

Thanks for listing Jamaica!

As they say - once you go, you know! :-)

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