Monday, April 4, 2011

The gift of learning to use your registry items

(Source: Amy Nixon Events blog)
When all the items seem to be checked off a New York couple's registry, what should a wedding guest who doesn't want to just give a check do?

Purchase a "Cooking 101 for Newlyweds" gift certificate.

New York City-based natural food chef and cooking instructor Gilda Muiero provides in-home cooking classes to teach newlyweds how to use their kitchen registry items.

The class costs $350 and is customized to the couple's culinary interest and skill level. It can cover a whole host of things from cooking for two to kitchen basics, including knife skills and keeping a well-stocked pantry.

 It was at at a bridal shower in 2008 that Muiero got the idea for the newlyweds class.

"It all started when I was teaching a bridal shower how to cook and the maid of honor confessed that she had a Cuisinart brand new in the box from her wedding two years priod," Muiero said. "I had taught at many bridal showers and it was always the same thing --brides who were caught up in the moment at Williams-Sonoma that would buy things that they had no clue how to use."

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